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Key concepts

Data collection tasks refer to the functions performed on webpage data on a website. One data collection task can only collect data from one webpage. If you need to collect data from multiple webpages, you need to create multiple tasks. Additionally, the result of one task can be used as the input for other tasks.

Spider Script

The Spider Script is the program used by the Data Hunter system. It informs the AI of user requirements, allowing the AI to generate a data collection program based on these needs. The Data Hunter then runs this program on the user's machine to acquire the necessary data for the user.

Custom Application

Custom Application is a feature for processing collected data. It can be used when users need to process and display data obtained from their collection tasks. For example, if a user needs to find and compare the prices of 100 different products on Amazon, this function can be utilized. First, create an application in Custom Application to record the details of the 100 different products. Then, create a data collection task that corresponds with this. Next, synchronize the products from the application to the collection task, and initiate the collection task along with setting display rules. Consequently, the desired data can be viewed in the Custom Application.

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