Collection Template

Users can download and use existing templates or custom templates in the same way. The following will provide specific application examples for reference.

Example: Douyin video list collection

  • In the collection template, select "bikes" and click "Use Now".

  • Find the template in the collection task and click to enter.

  • View the requirement description in the template to ensure that the template requirements meet your collection requirements.

  1. When matching requirements, enter a URL of the same type in URL Link, one line for each URL.

  1. If the demand does not match, modify the "demand content", click "AI customization Scheme" to customize the new template, and re-enter the alternative keywords.

  • Enter the URL to be collected, you can have mult.Click "Save", "Test execution", data collection starts.

  • After the data is collected, you can view it in Data under Collection Task.

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