Data Export

The collected data can not only be exported to Excel or CSV format, but also seamlessly imported to other applications as data sources for other collection tasks, realizing flexible application and sh

In the "Collection task" module, first locate and select the required collection task, and then enter the data processing interface by clicking the "Data" button (see Collection Data).

  • After data processing is complete, click "Processing Data" —-> "Export Data" and select the export format of the task.

  • If you want to use one of the data in this collection task as the data source of other collection tasks, click the "Add Export Settings" option, select the appropriate "Export Field" and the corresponding "Import task" here, and click the "OK" button to complete the data source Settings and import operations.

The message Import succeeded is displayed.

On the Collection Task page, locate the collection task to be imported and click. The data is successfully imported.

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