Field settings

Users can set the fields according to their own needs through text form.

1、Users can set the fields according to their own needs through text form.

1.1、Assignment rule:

  • Select the row where you want to set field rules and click the "Set field Rules" option.

For example, in order to compare prices in e-commerce, users may need to obtain the lowest price of a certain item on Amazon, so they will set the "Amazon price" field rule to facilitate price comparison.

  • Click "Assignment Rules" to enter the rule setting page.

  • Import Data Field is a prompt field that prompts the user about the field contained in the current application.

  • Collection Data Field indicates the collection task field.

  • Collection Scheme is also a prompt field.

  • Assignment Requirements Specifies the assignment rule for this field. For example: commodity price comparison price, you need to obtain the most price of the commodity. Therefore. Fill in the field as: Minimum commodity price.

  • Click "AI" to calculate, AI automatically generates code. The final result after the final assignment can be viewed in the calculation result.

  • If the result is correct, click "Save Run" to apply this assignment rule to the entire custom scheme.

1.2、Set the display style:

According to the user's price comparison needs, when the price of the same product is lower than the user's current sales price, the user needs to be prompted. Therefore, display words need to be distinguished from other fields.

Assignment requirements: If the current price is higher than the price of Jingdong display red and bold and change to the font number four.

1.3、Set click events:

Click Event Settings, click to jump and open the related link.

Set the content to: Open the Amazon link.

2、Add columns

Users can add required columns and set rules for the new columns as required.

3、Delete columns

Columns can be deleted.

4、Display in the list

Users can select whether to display this column in the list.

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