Custom Collection

Users can customize the collection template through AI, or users can make their own collection template.

AI custom acquisition template:

  1. Click "Add" and select the "AI Assistant" button.

2.Talk with AI, describe user needs, AI completes this scheme formulation.

3.Click "Save".Then the data acquisition template is completed.

4.You can view the information on the collection task page.

Collection template formulation:

  1. Click "Add", enter the URL link to be collected, and click Enter.

2.The system can intelligently identify web pages, automatically select collection areas and generate content. Users can modify at any time according to requirements.

3.After the modification is completed, click "AI Customization Solution" to create a collection template. The waiting time is expected to be 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the complexity of the page.

4.At this point, the collection template is completed.

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